Free Sample Idea: PI Industries

CMP: 1167, 2nd April 2019

Pi Industries chart

Technical Opinion:

PI Industries has been in a sideways trend for the last 2 years, 2017 to 2019 forming a double bottom in the process, after being a growth stock before that. Eventually, it broke out of a nice tight 13 week base in the middle of Feb and started its vertical upmove.

Right now, it has also broken out on high weekly volumes on the 2 year double bottom pattern.

Fundamental Checks:

Management Quality
Recent Earnings growth
Future earnings/trigger
Low Supply (<1000 cr retail float)x
Earnings are Non-Lumpy
No Pledge
Low D/E
Positive FCF Yield
Low Receivables
Sector Leader
Sector trend
Institutional/Promoter buyingx
Analyst opinion
Liquid Stock
Disruption/Regulation proof
High RoE/RoCE
Chart Trend
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