Historical Performance

Performance since inception (Mar-2019 end to Sep-2021 end):

East Green Capital
Nifty 50BSE
Midcap Index
Small Cap Index

Return comparison across time periods:

Rolling 12 month returns

Q4 FY19-20Q1 FY20-21Q2 FY20-21Q3 FY20-21Q4 FY20-21Q1 FY21-22Q2 FY21-22
EGC Model PF21.7%22.4%60.4%58.7%84.1%103.0%84.1%
Nifty 50-26.0%-12.6%-2.0%14.9%70.9%52.6%56.6%
BSE Midcap Index-31.7%-11.8%4.3%19.9%90.9%72.6%71.7%
BSE Small Cap Index-36.1%-13.1%12.9%32.1%114.9%103.8%88.8%
The above table indicates the return generated in the 12 months prior to the specific quarter-end. Every column has different 12 month periods into consideration.

Equity Curve:

The following chart shows how initial capital of INR 100,000 invested with us in Apr 2019 (inception date) would have grown, compared to benchmarks.