Frequently Asked Questions

  • Complete the sign-up process (a simple registration form, risk assessment and fee payment)
  • Get a re-weighted, customized version of our model portfolio to account for your market timing risk or access it here
  • Execute the trades carefully in your demat account
  • Get regular portfolio updates (buys/sells) over e-mail, which are also updated on the model portfolio page in this website

You would need to sign-up here, complete the paymentΒ  and risk assessment as per instructions (written on the page after registration and also sent to your email).

Short answer: Yes, we take care of risk management depending on the time you start with us. All that is dynamically managed by us so that you do not need to worry about these things.

Long answer: Please read this

Should vary, but on an average 2-4 per month

No intraday trades

We do not do forced buy & hold investments. We hold stocks until the growth and the trend in it lasts. On an average, we have held for 2-3 quarters.

Equity is a very powerful wealth creator over the long-term. There may be temporary market-linked losses but our strict, proprietary risk management methods ensure you do not lose too much during a temporary fall. So that you can also gain it back whenever market recovers.

Our objective is to protect capital and lose as little as possible in a bad year.

In normal/good times, objective is to beat the benchmarks (Nifty 50/Midcap 100/SmallCap 100 are our benchmarks).

The main advantage is of size of funds under advice. We are able to get in and get out of investments at will, without disrupting the stock price. For a more detailed discussion, please read this.

Any other questions?
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