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    Past Performance

    East Green Capital has been advising equity investors from Apr 2019.

    If you invested 100,000 with us in Mar-end 2019, it’s worth 199,923 now*! Your 100,000 investment on the same date in a Nifty Index Mutual Fund, is worth 117,298 now*

    *as of 31st Jan 2021

    Equity Curve - Jan 2021

    Why East Green Capital?

    We recommend buying only good quality capital allocators and companies with good corporate governance with consistent earnings growth.​

    Emotionless investments. Strict entry exit rules. We respect the market when it tells you that you are wrong.

    We keep substantial cash as well when needed. No mandate of being fully invested in bad times like mutual funds.

    Smaller AuA/AuM than mutual funds - Ensures entry/exit of holdings without price slippage.

    25-30 stocks in portfolio ensures superior stock selection & adequate diversification for alpha, unlike MFs who have a long tail of stocks and end up giving index-like returns.

    We do not buy hope stories or buy retail favourites. We follow where smart institutional money is going.

    How we Invest?

    1. Active investing to protect returns
    2. Buy only companies with growing earnings
    3. Accept, admit mistakes and move on



    How many trades per month? Should vary, but on an average 2-4 per month
    Time horizon? On an average two quarters, or as long as the trend remains or ends
    Expected returns? Protect capital and lose as little as possible in a bad year. In normal/good times, objective is to beat the benchmarks (Nifty 50/Midcap 100/SmallCap 100 are our benchmarks)

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    About East Green Capital

    We are SEBI RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), and advise on individual equity portfolios. Our investing style is to buy only growth oriented companies in trending sectors. Out strict risk management rules ensure we remain sufficiently diversified and we do not take huge losses. We are agile and churn a position whenever we find a better idea instead of sitting on duds.

    Our model portfolio has a 117% return since inception (Mar-end 2019) and 78% for FY 2020-21.