Why East Green Capital?

We only recommend good capital allocators, companies with good corporate governance and consistent earnings growth

Emotionless investments. Strict entry/exit rules. We respect the market when it tells us that we are wrong. Agile stock/sector rotation

We keep substantial cash as well when needed. No mandate of being fully invested in bad times like mutual funds.

Smaller AuA/AuM than mutual funds - Ensures fast entry and exit of holdings without big price slippages.

We customize stock allocations for everyone to account for market timing risk. Risk remains same for everyone, irrespective of market highs/lows.

We do not buy hope stories or buy retail favourites. We follow where smart institutional money is going or get out when it's getting out of it

Investment Brief

1. Active investing to protect returns
2. Buy only companies with growing earnings
3. Accept, admit mistakes and move on



How many trades per month? Should vary, but on an average 2-4 per month
Time horizon? On an average two quarters, or as long as the trend remains or ends.
Expected returns? Protect capital and lose as little as possible in a bad year. In normal/good times, objective is to beat the benchmarks (Nifty 50/Midcap 100/SmallCap 100 are our benchmarks).

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How It Works?


Complete the sign-up process (a simple registration form and risk assessment)

Get Weights

Get a re-weighted, customized version of our model portfolio to account for your market timing risk


Buy the portfolio of stocks in any demat account of yoursโ€‹


Get regular portfolio updates (buys/sells) over e-mail and on this website

Our Happy Investors

East Green Capitalโ€™s diversified model portfolio approach with robust risk management frameworks help me navigate through market volatility in a very productive and sustainable way, without compromising on market alpha.
Kunal Singh
Head-BD, Mahindra CIE
The refreshing part of EGCโ€™s investment process is their ability to maintain a balance between holding performing companies as long as they deliver on earnings and stock returns, and exiting as soon as any considerable risk emerges.
Preetosh Srivastava
Consultant, BCG
East Green Capitalโ€™s stock selection and trade communication process is designed to help even someone like me who does not have a background in investing in equities, but wants to invest safely in the Indian stock market.
Mobin Khan
Being associated with East Green Capital for the past one year has helped my equity portfolio immensely in both bullish and bearish periods. I can confidently say that their process helps to optimise returns in all kinds of market conditions.
Aman Walia
Digital Architect, DXC
EGC enables me to actively manage my portfolio with minimal effort. Even when I add capital in SIP mode, the weights for each stock are risk adjusted. Hence, I donโ€™t need to worry about the market level - whether it's at top or bottom.
Vaibhav Pandey
SVP, Naukri

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